Hellbender 122 Build

Introducing the latest addition to my multi rotor fleet! The Hellbender 122. The frame itself is made out of 3mm woven carbon fiber and it is very light and strong. It fits 3″ props, exclusively. I used RCX H1306 2300 kv motors, which I had on another build. I’m powering it up with 3S 500 mah LiPos, that I also had lying around from a previous project. Here are the list of parts that I used (but links).

Hellbender 122 Frame

4 in 1 12 amp BlHeli ESC

RCX h1306 2300kv motors

Flip32 Racing Edition

3 x 3 x 3 HQ Props

600TVL 1/4 1.8mm CMOS FPV 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Camera

TS5823 5.8GHz 32CH Mini FPV Video Transmitter

FPV 5.8GHz Micro CL TX Antenna Lightweight

FrSky V8R7-II 2.4Ghz 7CH Receiver

I flashed the latest version of Betaflight and enabled airmode and it flew amazing with the default PIDs, although I’m sure they can be tuned further. Overall, this quad is a winner! Fast and nimble. Light but very well balanced. FPV’ing with it is a blast, going thru tiny gaps and tree branches. Stay tuned for a flight video!

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QAV210 Charpu Edition – Maiden FPV Flight

Here’s the maiden FPV flight video of the latest addition to my fleet, the QAV-210 Charpu Edition. These are the components:

  • Cobra 2204 2300 KV motors
  • SN20A ESCs (OneShot125)
  • 5×4.5 Bullnose props
  • DragonFly32 running Baseflight
  • FrSky DR4-II receiver
  • 1400 4S Multistar LiPo
  • Recorded on a RunCam HD

Overall I’m really happy with this quad. Its fast, agile and very maneuverable. Just gotta keep flying to see if I become a decent pilot.

Here’s a photo gallery:


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Durafly P-40N from Hobbyking – 1st Impressions & Assembly

Presenting Hobbyking’s newest model airplane from the Durafly line, the Curtiss P-40N Warhawk. I ordered it the day it came out from the US West Warehouse (click here to get yours) and received it 4 working days later, via FedEx ground. Here is my first impressions and assembly video.

I am really impressed with the details, the paint job and the ease of assembly. Not one drop of glue is needed (except for the small plastic details). It comes together really quickly thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions, the labeling of all the servo leads and the plastic bags that have the different types of screws. Assembly took about an hour and installing the decals with probably take another 30 minutes.

Overall, I am really please with the airplane. Stay tuned for the maiden flight video!

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Mini Hex Review – Melo’s Multirotor Minute

Here’s my quick review of the MJX X900 X901 3D Roll 2.4G 6-Axis First Nano Hexacopter from


  • Well built, solid construction
  • Flies stable, but quick and maneuverable if in high rates
  • Flips and rolls are crisp and precise
  • Shipping to 9 days (China – California)
  • Only $20.75


  • Remote is kind of small (but standard for this size multi rotors)
  • Need a screwdriver to install batteries in remote
  • LEDs aren’t very bright

You can get your directly from Banggood here by clicking here.

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SubMini 200mm FPV Quad

Introducing the SubMini 200mm FPV quad, a custom designed multirotor. As the name indicates, is has a motor-to-motor diagonal measurement of 200mm, perfectly suited for 4″ props. The frame was designed and 3D printed in black ABS and is 4mm thick.

Components (with links).

Motors: RCX 1306 2300kv
Props: 4045 CW & CCW from
Flight Controller: Flip32 Racing Edition
RC Receiver: FrSky VD5M
FPV Transmitter: TS5823 5.8GHz 32CH Mini FPV Video Transmitter
Camera: RunCam PZ0420M 2.8 mm lens
Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 1000mAh 3S1P 25C
Antenna: Off-brand CP RP-SMA antenna.

Here’s a quick rundown of the costs, but please note that not everything needed is included: I already had 4 batteries and the FPV antenna. Also, its a good idea to get a spare motor and ESC, just in case. You don’t want your project to be halted because of a faulty motor. But, on the positive side, Shipping from MyRCMart was suprisingly quick: the package took exactly a week to arrive from China to my doorstep in California.


Soldering the HugESC wires was a bit tricky, you need a fast and steady hand. The ESCs where shrink-wrapped to the frame itself for additional protection.

Frame and ESCs

I was initially going to use a regular Flip32 fullsize controller, but the spare one I had wasn’t working quite right, so I ordered the Flip32 Racing controller, which is less than half the size of a standard Flip32 (35mm x 35mm). I decided to use the FrSky VD5M because it was what I had lying around, and it worked quite well. I removed the connectors and soldered the wires directly from the receiver to flight controller. Again, you need a fast and steady hand to pull this off, the solder points are tiny. I epoxied the receiver wiring to ensure durability.

The 1306 motors are tiny! They are really 1706 (17mm in diameter), but they perform quite well when paired with 4 x 4.5 props.

1306 motors and 4045 props

The all-up-weight (AUG) is 246g (165g for the frame alone). It was tuned and maidened at night and it was a blast to fly, going inside the house and over the sidewalks while I just stood there in the garage. Flight times are about 4-5 minutes of fast FPV flying, a bit more if you’re just cruising.

Overall I’m very happy with this SubMini quad, which is what I’m going to call it, since it is smaller than what is considered a mini quad (250mm) and not quite a nano or pico quad. So, SubMini it is!

Photo Gallery:

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Caliber FPV Wing – Review Part 1 – Unboxing and Assembly

Introducing the Caliber FPV Wing from Snipe Air Industries. In this video I introduce the project, unbox the package and show you the finished product after it was put together. It measures 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) in wingspan and the kit includes all the nessary hardware, including a plastic center section to hold the fpv equipment, cameras and battery, winglets, stickers, laminate, pushrods and balsa elevons. It also comes with an antivibration mount for a Mobius camera. (more…)

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The Ghoul Part 2: Assembly – Building a better Phantom

Here’s part 2 of the Build a Better Phantom Series: a quad with T-Motors, SimonK ESCs and an APM Mini flight controller in a Phantom shell: The Ghoul. Please visit the first part of the series to get a list of components by clicking here. Here are links to additional guides and documents needed to complete this build.

Official APM documentation

Un-official guide: Mini APM from Witespy

Light module pinout and info

In part 3, I’ll show you footage captured on the Ghoul during the maiden flight and a lazy adventure around my local park (as soon as I figure out how to process video shot at 120fps). Stay tuned!


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