Swift Hex – 300mm 3D Printed Hex Frame

Introducing the Swift Hex, a mini sized hexacopter that I designed and 3D printed, specifically for FPV. Its design was inspired by the Blackout Spider Hex, but seeing as it is currently unavailable, I decided to designed and make my own.


It is exactly 300mm motor to motor. It uses 37mm spacers, just because that is what I had lying around. I decided to use cheap ZMR 1806 motors, along with 5 x 3 props. It has a built-in vibration dampening system with earplug for the top-mounted Mobius Action Cam. 10amp SimonK ESCs and a Naze32 equivalent, the Flip32+ from Witespy power the system.


The first version was made with 5mm plates, but the second (and final flying version) was made only 3mm thick and the bottom, center and top plates were specifically redesigned for load bearing, stiffness and better looks. It has 2 cameras, the aformentioned Mobius Action Cam wide angle for recording and a PZ0420 Clone for FPV.


The final version FPV version has the following specs:

– 2450mah Zippy Compact 35C 3S Lipo
– ImmersionRC 600mw Video transmitter and protector
– FrSky DR4-II and Taranis for control
– ZMR 1806 motors
– HQ 5×3 props
– 10a SimonK ESCs
– Flip32+ flight controller

Future plans include adding a GPS and a MinimOSD to the flight controller.

Here’s the video of the maiden FPV flight of the Swift Hex.

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Quad-Glider Hybrid?

I’ve had an idea for quite some time now and right about now seems like the right time to execute. I’m pretty sure others have thought and built something similar to this, but I think I can do it quite well. The idea is to build a quad and airplane hybrid, like the picture above. A standard glider design with a pod fuselage and a twin boom configuration, elongated in the front to acomodate 4 motors and props pointing upwards and the achieve proper center of gravity.

These are my initial thoughts and materials:

– All foamboard using the Experimental Airlines’ Armin wing and fuselage tube design. I’ve build triangular tubes and those seem to be the way I’ll go.
– KK 2.0 for control of the quad portion
– Mixing with switches utilizing my Taranis and OpenTX
– 1000kv motors for the quad portion, swinging 9″ or 10″ props.
– Forward propulsion using a 2,200 kv motor and a 6 x 4 prop.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Ov3rquad – Top of the Mountain

High in the mountains of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, I present my lastest FPV adventure. Filmed on a GoPro Hero 2 at 720p 120 fps on the always amazing Ov3rquad open-source quadrotor frame.

I found a heliport at the top of the mountain with 3 helipads and I thought it would be fun to use them as my own personal landing pads. I will definetely be flying here more often as there is a lot more to explore, a bunch of hiking trails and a golf course. Stay tuned!

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Ov3rquad at the Park

Check out my latest video from my latest multi-rotor platform, the Ov3rquad. The Ov3rquad is an open source spiderquad frame design, which I got custom cnc-cut out of lexan. It uses standard DJI 450/550 arms, 1000 kv motors, SimonK flashed 30-amp ESC and it is all controlled with an APM 2.5, which gives me gps control with return to home and the ability to do missions. I am also running a MinimOSD which provides vital information on screen, such as heading, height, speed and other useful bits of data. A GoPro Hero 2 provides the video and also records, all transmitted down via a 5.8 ghz video link, straight to my FatShark video goggles. Stay tuned for more FPV adventures!

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WEC Mark 2 – Test Flight

This is the second version of the WEC (Wooden Ecilop Clone). I improved the landing gear and streamlined the wiring by using a Quattro 20AMP ESC. The flight controller is an APM 2.5. I am using a 4-channel Frsky receiver in PPM mode soldered directly onto the APM to eliminate a lot of wiring. I am very happy with the performance of this machine. The next step is to test the new gimbal I designed, but first I need a new GoPro, my old one stopped reading/wiring SD cards.

Here are some additional specs:

Motors: DT 700 from Hobbyking
Receiver: FRSKY D4R-II
Transmitter: Turnigy 9XR
Battery: 2 X 2,200 Turnigy 20C 3 cell lipos in parallel.
Props: Gemfam 11 X 4.7 SF
APM 2.5 (Arduflyer 2.5)

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