Durafly D.H. 110 Sea Vixen – Maiden Flight

Introducing the Durafly (from Hobbyking) D.H. 110 Sea Vixen. I built it an about an hour, glueing the wings, the booms and the horizontal stabilizer. Setup was easy and balancing it was a cinch! I’m powering it with a 4-cell 2650 maH Turnigy Nana-tech 35-70 C lipo battery.

In the air

As you can see in the video, take-off was uneventful, I let it catch speed and I applied a bit of back pressure to get it airborne. Once flying, it needed a bit of down-trim to get it flying nice and stable hands-off. It is very easy to fly, thanks to the huge wing area. It just wants to glide! I set my low rates at 70% with 35% expo and it seemed perfect for normal flying. Tip stalling it is practically impossible, thanks again to the huge wing area. Landings are very easy: I just cut power when doing the final approach and the Sea Vixen just floats in.


The D.H. 110 Sea Vixen from Durafly is one of my favorite planes in my fleet. It flies even gentler than the Vampire, but when kicked into high rates, it handles acrobatic maneuvers like a champ. Flight times are about 5 minutes with a good mix of cruising and acrobatic flying. It is not super fast, but very impressive in the air, it certainly scoots along with gusto. I wonder what a 12-blade EDF fan would do to the top speed.

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Maiden Flight – Kondor FPV

This isn’t the real maiden flight…on the first flight I had waaaaaaaaay too much throw on all surfaces, and the camera upfront wasn’t secured so it fell right after take off making it tail-heavy. I managed to land it, I secured the camera and dialed down my rates. After that the plane flew very stable.

What do you think?

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BAE Hawk – Maiden flight + crash video

This is the maiden flight video and eventual crash and demise of this beautiful plane. The damage isn’t too bad, just a shattered canopy and a busted nose section. I ordered a new canopy, and I’ll start fixing the nose this week. Hopefully flight #2 will go better.

The center of gravity should’ve been set at 85mm behind the leading edge per the instruction manual, but the seller said it was wrong and it should’ve been set to 65mm. The manual for the E-Flite version of this plane says 80 – 90mm.

I balanced it at 65mm from the leading edge, after stuffing a 1000mah 3-cell in the nose to balance the plane, but after I crashed it, the very experienced fellow rc-enthusiast that was helping me out with the initial flight told me that it looked too tail-heavy.

It seemed like I had too much throw on the ailerons, even though I lowered the throw to 70% with 35% expo, per said gentleman’s recommendation. What do you think happened?

Check out the picture gallery here.


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BAE Hawk – 70mm EDF Jet

I have officially been bitten by the EDF jet bug, after flying the D.H. Vampire from Hobbyking. My latest model is a 70mm BAE Hawk, featuring a composite fuselage (fiber glass) and built-up balsa wings. It is powered by a 6-blade ducted fan unit turned by a 3600 kv brushless motor.

Putting it together took about 4 hours, with the installation of the ducted fan and all the electronics. It uses 5 9-gram servos, 2 for the ailerons, 2 for the elevator and 1 for the nose gear. I flew it with a Nano-tech 2650 mah 4-cell LiPo battery on a 60 amp ESC with a BEC.

The maiden flight didn’t go well, I crash after about 10 seconds of flight, due in part by what seems to be a bad balance (too tail-heavy) and too much throw on the elevator surfaces, even though I lowered them to 70% travel and I added 34% of expo.

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