Durafly Sea Vixen – Unboxing video and first impressions

Check out the newest addition to my fleet! The Durafly D.H. 100 Sea Vixen. Comes with all the hardware needed, just build it, add your 4 cell Lipo and receiver and you’re ready to fly. The plane comes double-boxed for protection and very well packaged. The details on this plane are amazing. Stay tuned for the maiden flight video.

If you’re interested, visit the product page at Hobbyking

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Tfmodel BAE Hawk 70mm EDF – Instruction Manual

I’ve noticed that the instruction manual for the BAE Hawk from TF Model is really hard to find online, and some would say impossible. I recently purchased on on RCGroups and the seller sent me the manual in pdf format via email. I though I’d share it with you guys here. Please note that the CG is stated at 85mm behind the leading edge of the wing, but the seller said it was more like 65mm. I took a loot at instruction manual for the E-Flite Hawk, and it states that that it should be 80-90mm.

When I maidened (and crashed) mine, it felt too tail-heavy at 65mm (check out the video by clicking here), so test and experiment yourself.

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BAE Hawk – 70mm EDF Jet

I have officially been bitten by the EDF jet bug, after flying the D.H. Vampire from Hobbyking. My latest model is a 70mm BAE Hawk, featuring a composite fuselage (fiber glass) and built-up balsa wings. It is powered by a 6-blade ducted fan unit turned by a 3600 kv brushless motor.

Putting it together took about 4 hours, with the installation of the ducted fan and all the electronics. It uses 5 9-gram servos, 2 for the ailerons, 2 for the elevator and 1 for the nose gear. I flew it with a Nano-tech 2650 mah 4-cell LiPo battery on a 60 amp ESC with a BEC.

The maiden flight didn’t go well, I crash after about 10 seconds of flight, due in part by what seems to be a bad balance (too tail-heavy) and too much throw on the elevator surfaces, even though I lowered them to 70% travel and I added 34% of expo.

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DH 100 Vampire – Maiden Flight Video

The de Havilland DH.100 Vampire, made by Durafly (Hobbyking) in PNF configuration. Featuring a 70mm EDF (electric ducted fan), electric retracts, EPO construction, a custom red paint job and powered by a 2650 mah 4-cell LiPo battery. This is the maiden flight of my second vampire.

This airplane flies great: excellent slow-speed characteristics due to its light weight and huge wing surfaces. Stay tuned for a photo gallery.

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D. H. Vampire from Durafly – modifications

One of my favorite flying planes of all times is the D.H. Vampire from Hobbyking, though it isn’t without its flaws. Before I put it together, I noticed that the tail booms weren’t as stiff as one would expect. I proceeded to embed a carbon fiber rod to stiffen it a bit. I only added it to one boom, as one would be enough. Check out the pictures below where I illustrate this process.

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