Tfmodel BAE Hawk 70mm EDF – Instruction Manual

I've noticed that the instruction manual for the BAE Hawk from TF Model is really hard to find online, and some would say impossible. I recently purchased on on RCGroups and the seller sent me the manual in pdf format via email. I though I'd share it with you guys here. Please note that the CG is stated at 85mm behind the leading edge of the wing, but the seller said it was more like 65mm. I took a loot at instruction manual for the E-Flite Hawk, and it states that that it should be 80-90mm. When I maidened (and crashed) mine, it felt too tail-heavy at 65mm (check out the video by clicking here), so test and experiment yourself.



Julian Melo

Julian Melo has been around the R/C hobby since 2001. His first plane was PT-40 trainer from Great Planes he built as a kit, powered by an O.S. 40 engine. Nowadays you can find him flying fast EDFs or FPV multirotors. Professionally, he's an L.A-based web developer, Wordpress ninja & SEO Analyst. He is quite fond of good coffee, gadgets and loud garage rock. Check out his site/portfolio at or read his technology blog. He also recently started a new site/podcast titled UAV not Drone. Check it out!