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  • A is for Azusa

    A is for Azusa

    After seeing these letter on the side of the foothills all over Southern California, I decided to try to fly close to them via FPV. Here is me second attempt (the first one was B is for Burbank, click here to watch that video). Please excuse the excessive jello and vibes; the CC3D controller isn’t […]

  • Durafly Auto-G2

    Durafly Auto-G2

    Check out these amazing in-flight shots of my Auto-G2, taken by Ken Simmons at the Apollo 11 field in Los Angeles, which by the way, flies amazing.

  • JH-Quad – on-board video

    JH-Quad – on-board video

    Check out the on-board video I took on my JH-Quad. More details about the JH-Quad coming soon!

  • Video: Flying the Blade 400

    Video: Flying the Blade 400

    The good’ol Eflite Blade 400, my first electric helicopter, and my second overall, after having an O.S. .32-powered Hawk III, from Century Heli. In this video I am learning to hover and I still have the training skids on. As you can tell, I’m not doing a great job, but no one really does when […]