Video: Flying the Blade 400

The good’ol Eflite Blade 400, my first electric helicopter, and my second overall, after having an O.S. .32-powered Hawk III, from Century Heli. In this video I am learning to hover and I still have the training skids on. As you can tell, I’m not doing a great job, but no one really does when they’re starting out. Here are the specs of the Blade 400 Helicopter:

Type: RTF Collective Pitch Electric 3D Mini Heli
Main Rotor Diameter: 28.2 in (718mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 5.3 in (135mm)
Gross Weight: RTF with Li-Po battery, 23.5 oz (665 g)
Length: 25.6 in (650mm)
Motor Size: 420H brushless outrunner, 3800Kv
Control System: Spektrum™ DX6i 2.4GHz DSM2™ computer programmable transmitter (included), Spektrum AR6100e Microlite receiver (installed), DS75 digital Sub-Micro servos (4 installed), 120-degree CCPM
Rotor Blade Length: 12.8 in (325mm)
Experience Level: Advanced

Overall, I learned a lot flying, crashing, fixing and flying again my Blade 400. It introduced me to CCPM helicopters, computer radios (DX6i) and LiPos. The heli is still available, although you’d probably wanna go with a Blade 450, the upgraded version. A good choice if you want something ready to fly out of the box.