Ov3rquad at the Park

Check out my latest video from my latest multi-rotor platform, the Ov3rquad. The Ov3rquad is an open source spiderquad frame design, which I got custom cnc-cut out of lexan. It uses standard DJI 450/550 arms, 1000 kv motors, SimonK flashed 30-amp ESC and it is all controlled with an APM 2.5, which gives me gps control with return to home and the ability to do missions. I am also running a MinimOSD which provides vital information on screen, such as heading, height, speed and other useful bits of data. A GoPro Hero 2 provides the video and also records, all transmitted down via a 5.8 ghz video link, straight to my FatShark video goggles. Stay tuned for more FPV adventures!



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