SR-71 Blackbird – Scratch-built Maiden Flight

This is my latest scratch-built project, an all-foamboard SR-71 Blackbird, in its NASA livery. The plans were downloaded from RCGroups [click here for the link to build your own]. Construction was straight-foward and took about 3 hours. I used 2 sheets of black foamboard bought from Office Depot. Here are some additional specs:

2 x 9gram servos
2200 kv 2826 Turnigy Motor
– 6 X 4 APC prop
30 amps ESC
1,300 mAh 3S lipo, 35C discharge

Future enhancements:

As you can see in the video, the plane wing-rocks at high alpha manouvers so I’m going to install a second generation 3-axis gyro from OrangeRX. I also ordered a couple of 4 cell 1,000 mAh batteries for additional speed. Stay tuned!



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