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  • SubMini 200mm FPV Quad

    SubMini 200mm FPV Quad

    Introducing the SubMini 200mm FPV quad, a custom designed multirotor. As the name indicates, is has a motor-to-motor diagonal measurement of 200mm, perfectly suited for 4″ props. The frame was designed and 3D printed in black ABS and is 4mm thick. Components (with links). Motors: RCX 1306 2300kv Props: 4045 CW & CCW from […]

  • The Ghoul Part 2: Assembly – Building a better Phantom

    The Ghoul Part 2: Assembly – Building a better Phantom

    Here’s part 2 of the Build a Better Phantom Series: a quad with T-Motors, SimonK ESCs and an APM Mini flight controller in a Phantom shell: The Ghoul. Please visit the first part of the series to get a list of components by clicking here. Here are links to additional guides and documents needed to […]

  • Custom Designed 3D Printed Y6 Multirotor

    Custom Designed 3D Printed Y6 Multirotor

    Introducing my custom designed and 3D printed Y6 multirotor. After many hours of designing, printing, troubleshooting and test flying, I am finally showcasing my latest multirotor with the world. The frame base, motor holders, landing gear and 3-axis gimbal were printed 3D printed in ABS. The booms are carbon fiber tubes that are 330 mm […]

  • Swift Hex – 300mm 3D Printed Hex Frame

    Swift Hex – 300mm 3D Printed Hex Frame

    Introducing the Swift Hex, a mini sized hexacopter that I designed and 3D printed, specifically for FPV. Its design was inspired by the Blackout Spider Hex, but seeing as it is currently unavailable, I decided to designed and make my own. It is exactly 300mm motor to motor. It uses 37mm spacers, just because that […]

  • Turbo Commander – Maiden Flight

    Turbo Commander – Maiden Flight

    This is the maiden flight of the Turbo Commander, a collaboration between Mateo Aguilar and Julian Melo. It was shot in early January 2014 at the Apollo Field in Southern California. The airplane and no bad tendencies, required just a couple click of elevator trim and it flew amazing. More information about the build process […]

  • Hansen Dam FPV – Warbler

    Hansen Dam FPV – Warbler

    Location: Hansen Dam in Southern California. Airplane: Warbler (scratch-built. more info here). Control: Taranis + HawkEye OpenLRS Video: Immersion RC 5.8 ghz. 5 Turn Helical on goggles.

  • Scratch-Built Turbo Commander

    Scratch-Built Turbo Commander

    The (Gulfstream? Rockwell?) Turbo Commander airplane has always had a special place in my heart; it was the plane my dad and his pilot friends used to fly. Its a twin-engine, pressurized, jet-prop 10-passenger airplane, better known as Bob Hoover’s acrobatic plane (his was a Shrike, a piston-powered Aero Commander variant). Over the holiday season, […]

  • Warbler UAV – Scratch-built FPV Platform

    Warbler UAV – Scratch-built FPV Platform

    They say imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, and in this case, the creators of the Talon UAV should be extremely flattered. Introducing my latest FPV platform, the Warbler UAV. Needless to say, it was heavily inspired by the Talon UAV. After some sketching and planning, I decided my try building a similar plane, […]

  • B is for Burbank – FPV Flight

    B is for Burbank – FPV Flight

    One of my FPV goals was to fly around and take video of the big letter B in the foothills of Burbank and today I’ve met that goal! My flight times are about 12-15 minutes on 2 x 2,200 3S lipos, on my scratch-built J-Twin airplane (for more information about it click here). I’m using […]

  • J-Twin: Scratch-built FPV Platform

    J-Twin: Scratch-built FPV Platform

    Introducing the J-Twin, a twin-motor airplane I designed and built specifically for FPV. I took it for its maiden flight today and I behaved amazingly well, just a click or two of aileron trim and it was all set. The center of gravity is approximately at 1/3 of the wing chord and it didn’t present […]