Swift Hex – 300mm 3D Printed Hex Frame

Introducing the Swift Hex, a mini sized hexacopter that I designed and 3D printed, specifically for FPV. Its design was inspired by the Blackout Spider Hex, but seeing as it is currently unavailable, I decided to designed and make my own. 3d-design It is exactly 300mm motor to motor. It uses 37mm spacers, just because that is what I had lying around. I decided to use cheap ZMR 1806 motors, along with 5 x 3 props. It has a built-in vibration dampening system with earplug for the top-mounted Mobius Action Cam. 10amp SimonK ESCs and a Naze32 equivalent, the Flip32+ from Witespy power the system. IMG_6493 The first version was made with 5mm plates, but the second (and final flying version) was made only 3mm thick and the bottom, center and top plates were specifically redesigned for load bearing, stiffness and better looks. It has 2 cameras, the aformentioned Mobius Action Cam wide angle for recording and a PZ0420 Clone for FPV. IMG_6506 The final version FPV version has the following specs: - 2450mah Zippy Compact 35C 3S Lipo - ImmersionRC 600mw Video transmitter and protector - FrSky DR4-II and Taranis for control - ZMR 1806 motors - HQ 5x3 props - 10a SimonK ESCs - Flip32+ flight controller Future plans include adding a GPS and a MinimOSD to the flight controller. Here's the video of the maiden FPV flight of the Swift Hex.



Julian Melo

Julian Melo has been around the R/C hobby since 2001. His first plane was PT-40 trainer from Great Planes he built as a kit, powered by an O.S. 40 engine. Nowadays you can find him flying fast EDFs or FPV multirotors. Professionally, he's an L.A-based web developer, Wordpress ninja & SEO Analyst. He is quite fond of good coffee, gadgets and loud garage rock. Check out his site/portfolio at JJMelo.com or read his technology blog. He also recently started a new site/podcast titled UAV not Drone. Check it out!