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  • On-board video – Kondor FPV

    On-board video – Kondor FPV

    Check out the on-board video I took on the Kondor FPV. It is really stable, but I have to adjust the thrust angle of the engine to avoid down-pitching when throttling.

  • Maiden Flight – Kondor FPV

    Maiden Flight – Kondor FPV

    This isn’t the real maiden flight…on the first flight I had waaaaaaaaay too much throw on all surfaces, and the camera upfront wasn’t secured so it fell right after take off making it tail-heavy. I managed to land it, I secured the camera and dialed down my rates. After that the plane flew very stable. […]

  • Kondor FPV – Scratch-build airplane

    Kondor FPV – Scratch-build airplane

    I started working on a new scratch-built plane, using some techniques from Ed @Experimental Airlines (mainly, the Armin wing), and some that I developed, such as interlocking-box fuselage. I call it the Kondor FPV. Its 40″. long with a 60″ wingspan. The front and back open for easy access to the gear. The design is […]