Kondor FPV – Scratch-build airplane

I started working on a new scratch-built plane, using some techniques from Ed @Experimental Airlines (mainly, the Armin wing), and some that I developed, such as interlocking-box fuselage. I call it the Kondor FPV. Its 40″. long with a 60″ wingspan. The front and back open for easy access to the gear.

The design is heavily inspired by the Borjet MAJA.

It has a Turnigy D3536/8 1000KV way in the back, turning a 10X7 Prop, running on a 50 AMP ESC (also Turnigy).

It is tail-heavy by design, so I can fit 2 X 3,000 maH 4-cell LiPo in the front, along with 2 cameras, a high-def for recording and a board-cam for the FPV setup.






2 responses to “Kondor FPV – Scratch-build airplane”

  1. ripcurl Avatar

    Hi, do you have plans (pdf) that you can email me? I like the look of your FPV plane and would like to build one.

    1. Julian Melo Avatar
      Julian Melo

      I don’t have plans. It was built looking at pictures of the Mini Talon UAV.

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