The ‘Nocchio – 22″ FPV Wing

The Noccio Introducing the 'Nocchio! A sweet little FPV platform. A HobbyKing Bonsai, painted, with LEDS and an extended FPV pod, or nose (get it, the "Nocchio"?). img_3324 I'm using metal gear servos, which are a bit heavier than regular 9g servos, so I was having trouble balancing the plane. I had to add nose weight with a 500mah 3S, or double stack the batteries, which isn't ideal (dead weight) and it flew like a piggy. So, I had the weird idea of adding a nose pod where I would place the FPV pod (instead of on top of the battery). img_3326 The wing is fully laminated with no extra spars. Its pretty rigid. I also added LEDs for night flying, red on the left side, blue on the right and white LEDS on the bottom. I think it looks pretty cool! img_3326 The bottom is reinforced with extra-strength packing tape, for those less than ideal landings. img_3327 Here's a full list of components with links - Hobbyking Bonsai - RCX 1707 3900kv motor - Generic 20amp ESC - 2 x 12G metal gear servos - The FliteReport FPV Pod - 500mah Zippy Compact 3S lipos - FrSky X4R receiver



Julian Melo

Julian Melo has been around the R/C hobby since 2001. His first plane was PT-40 trainer from Great Planes he built as a kit, powered by an O.S. 40 engine. Nowadays you can find him flying fast EDFs or FPV multirotors. Professionally, he's an L.A-based web developer, Wordpress ninja & SEO Analyst. He is quite fond of good coffee, gadgets and loud garage rock. Check out his site/portfolio at or read his technology blog. He also recently started a new site/podcast titled UAV not Drone. Check it out!