Build Challenge: $7 toy glider to RC plane

I was browsing my local hobby store when I encountered a $7 EPO toy glider that was begging me to turn it into a full-featured RC plane. So, a challenge began.  I started by reinforcing the horizontal stabilizer with a carbon fiber rod, then the wings and fuselage with a wooden dowel. I mounted a Turnigy 2826 2200 kv motor with some upward thrust angle in the mid section with a piece of plywood and the extra a bit of dowel. I then added elevators and ailerons made out of dollar tree foam board with a couple of $3 servos. I also extended the vertical stabilizer with some foamboard and decided not to add a rudder.

I then covered parts of it with white, red and yellow duct tape (also from the $ store). Finally, I mounted the a 3-cell 1300 mAh battery in the front embedded into the foam to get the CG at about 1/3 of the wing chord. Any predictions on how it will fly?



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