Flying at the Apollo Field – The Scratch-built Comrad 1

This is the first on-board video I’ve shot, and I did it on a totally scratch-built airplane, the Comrad 1, based on the Axon design by Ed from Experimental Airlines. The plane is made out of Dollar Store foamboard, hot glue and packing tape. It is powered by a Thunder Tigre .10 spinning a 7×5 APC propeller in a pusher configuration. It uses two 2200 3-cell batteries in parallel all the way forward, mainly to balance out the plane.

Its equipped with four 9-gram servos (dual ailerons/flaperons, elevator and rudder), and an Orange 6 channel receiver, powered by the BEC circuit in the Turnigy 30 amp ESC. This is also the first foamboard plane I built following Ed’s (from Experimental Airlines) Armin wing technique and folded square tube made out of foamboard.

The plane flies very stable, the only inherent design flaw is that you need to shove a bunch of weight (or batteries) in the front of the fuselage to get the center of gravity right. It lands very gently and tracks like a champ. Have you built an Axon? What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments.