Flying the Comrad 1 at the Whitter Narrows field

This is my second on-board video taken with my trusty JVC Picsio camera. Please note that I applied Youtube's anti-shakiness and that's the reason why the video seems to zoom in and out all the time. This time, the video was taken at the flying field at the Whittier Narrows park in southern California. These are the details of the Comrad 1: - Scratch-build model based on the Axon by Ed from Experimental Airlines - Powered by a Thunder Tigre .10 - 2 X 2200 3-cell battery - 4 x 9G servos - 60" Wingspan - 45" total fuselage length - 12-15 minute flight times I don't think I'll be flying this plane as is anymore, there are a couple of inherit problems with it, such as it being tail heavy and the need to put 2 batteries in the front to balance it out. I'll be redesigning it soon to feature a lighter tail section and an easier way of mounting a camera and the main wing. Stay tuned!



Julian Melo

Julian Melo has been around the R/C hobby since 2001. His first plane was PT-40 trainer from Great Planes he built as a kit, powered by an O.S. 40 engine. Nowadays you can find him flying fast EDFs or FPV multirotors. Professionally, he's an L.A-based web developer, Wordpress ninja & SEO Analyst. He is quite fond of good coffee, gadgets and loud garage rock. Check out his site/portfolio at or read his technology blog. He also recently started a new site/podcast titled UAV not Drone. Check it out!