Quad-Glider Hybrid?

I’ve had an idea for quite some time now and right about now seems like the right time to execute. I’m pretty sure others have thought and built something similar to this, but I think I can do it quite well. The idea is to build a quad and airplane hybrid, like the picture above. A standard glider design with a pod fuselage and a twin boom configuration, elongated in the front to acomodate 4 motors and props pointing upwards and the achieve proper center of gravity.

These are my initial thoughts and materials:

– All foamboard using the Experimental Airlines’ Armin wing and fuselage tube design. I’ve build triangular tubes and those seem to be the way I’ll go.
– KK 2.0 for control of the quad portion
– Mixing with switches utilizing my Taranis and OpenTX
– 1000kv motors for the quad portion, swinging 9″ or 10″ props.
– Forward propulsion using a 2,200 kv motor and a 6 x 4 prop.

Stay tuned for updates!



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  1. Bob Avatar

    I too have been thinking about a fixed wing glider multicopter hybrid, with one difference, I lean towards a tricopter rather than a quadcopter. One concern that I have is the matter of AOA of the wing when under multirotor flight. The wing needs at least 2 degree AOA. In forward flight, the multicopter tilts forward resulting in negative AOA of the wing if the motors were mounted sorta visually parallel with the wing. So I was kinda thinking that the wing would have to have mounted at a steep AOA (maybe 20 degrees?) in multicopter hover and forward flight to compensate for the negative AOA of the copter’s forward flight tilt. I’ve seen VTOL design similar to yours fly successfully, however their design had tilting motors and your design is a fixed pusher motor which simplifies things. I’ve also seen pusher flying wing quad hybrid that flew very well. So your design is essentially a combo of both which should fly. Anyway my 2 cents. I would love to see it fly.I’ll probably build mine later next year, I’ve got too many projects going on! I live in Gardena which is close by. We usually fly our multicopters at UC Dominguez HIlls and gliders in Rancho Palos Verdes.

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