WEC Mark 2 – Test Flight

This is the second version of the WEC (Wooden Ecilop Clone). I improved the landing gear and streamlined the wiring by using a Quattro 20AMP ESC. The flight controller is an APM 2.5. I am using a 4-channel Frsky receiver in PPM mode soldered directly onto the APM to eliminate a lot of wiring. I am very happy with the performance of this machine. The next step is to test the new gimbal I designed, but first I need a new GoPro, my old one stopped reading/wiring SD cards.

Here are some additional specs:

Motors: DT 700 from Hobbyking
Receiver: FRSKY D4R-II
Transmitter: Turnigy 9XR
Battery: 2 X 2,200 Turnigy 20C 3 cell lipos in parallel.
Props: Gemfam 11 X 4.7 SF
APM 2.5 (Arduflyer 2.5)